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Lab Essential Supplement Program

Lab Essential Supplement Program

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Healthcare supplements are widely advertised on television and social media, but it can be challenging to determine which ones are necessary for you. Our Lab Essential Supplement Program evaluates your lab results obtained within the last 6 months to provide you with personalized supplement recommendations. 

Lab Essential Supplement Program is designed to provide you with an in-depth analysis of your laboratory results to identify the underlying causes of your symptoms. Based on the findings we offer personalized supplements recommendations to help you achieve long-term health optimization. 


  1. Provide us with labs taken within the last 6 months. No labs? We can provide recommendations of what labs to have done
  2. You can send us your labs via fax from your doctor, drop off a hard copy to our pharmacy or upload it to our portal HIPPA compliant.
  3. We will send you detailed results of our findings and supplement recommendations.
  4. Each recommendation will have an explanation of why it's being recommended, product name, product brand, dosage and directions and details about the product. 
  5. Once you receive your health improvement plan, you can pick up recommended supplements from Magnolia Pharmacy or from our online store. 
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