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Ananda Professional



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  • Healthier insulin response.
  • Avoid the "sugar crash".
  • Feel fuller longer.
  • Feed the good gut bacteria.
  • Supports overall weight management.


GluNOzym™, with Reducose® as its key ingredient, offers a natural way to lower your blood sugar after meals, which has numerous health benefits and helps with natural weight control.

GluNOzymTM + Reducose® – your secret to balanced blood sugar and healthy weight! This innovative supplement works by blocking carb digestion, activating your body's natural "fullness" signal, and slowing down the release of sugars in your gut. With Reducose®, enjoy lower post-meal blood sugar, reduced cravings, and a boost in fat burning for a healthier, happier you!


Dosing Guide: Take1 gummy prior to a meal. For additional dosing or guidance, please contact your pharmacist or provider.

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