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Bright Eye Revitalizing Nutrient Serum

Bright Eye Revitalizing Nutrient Serum

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A superfood and vitamin C serum to keep the area looking youthful and energized. Many eye area products are thick and smothering. Instead, our plumping, toning recipe penetrates quickly to deliver nutrition to deeper layers within the skin where support is most needed. Famous for its improvements to eye puffiness. 

Stabilized, time release vitamin C

 - Activated by skin contact 

- Gradually used by the skin which prevents irritation

- Improves the look of pigmentation for hours after application

Grape Seed Proanthocyanidin

- Super potent antioxidant protects skin cells

- Supports healthy capillaries to prevent the look of darkness and puffiness

 - Stabilizes collagen and elastin to prevent fine lines

Extracts of Organic Yerba Mate, Gotu Kola, Eyebright, Rhodiola

Tones skin and quickly improves the look of firmness

Adaptogens and polyphenols energize and brighten

Cooling feeling with no sting or eye irritation


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